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Constant Contact

Increase Expert is a Solution Provider with Constant Contact—the leader in online marketing.  We can provide you with an expert level of service and expertise for all of your marketing campaigns like email and social media marketing, event management, along with the ability to create offers and local deals for your business.


We are equipped with easy-to-use, state-of-the-art tools designed to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers through all of the different campaigns found within Constant Contact.


Let me show you how our services, packaged around the Constant Contact Toolkit, can help your business flourish. Or, call or email us to arrange a marketing training session for those interested in doing their own marketing.

Newsletters and Announcements

Whether you’re looking to increase revenue through an online promotion, promote an event,  increase your social media presence, or just stay in touch with your audience, email marketing is an effective tool that will power your business’s growth. We can coach you through getting set up, help you get your first campaign out, or handle it all for you.


Facebook Fan Promotions

Grow your fan base and create social word of mouth with a Facebook Fan Promotion. By running an online sweepstakes, coupon, or providing a piece of downloadable content on your Facebook page, we can help you grow your audience and keep them interested in your business.


Events & Registrations

Let us manage all of the details for your next event. We’ll create a professionally-designed landing page complete with all of your branding and event details, manage your registration, and collect all of your payments through one seamless experience for your customers. You can focus on making the event experience a great one, we’ll handle the rest.


Feedback & Surveys:

We understand that great marketing starts with knowing your audience and discovering what they like most about your business. We’ll build you an interactive online survey or poll that delivers meaningful results–and this feedback will allow us to create effective marketing campaigns around what your audience really wants.

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