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Our staff is a young, energetic team of experts, with a wide range of experience resulting in the ingenuity and resourcefulness needed to assist small businesses with meeting their goals. Unlike the intimidation that is sometimes felt when working with large accounting or marketing firms, our goal is to work by the side of the business owner or manager to learn your business and its needs.  We dress casual.  We talk normal. And, we’ve been known to sport a client’s staff t-shirt, and be an employee-for-a-day just to learn the ways to better serve our clients!

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With an education in both Marketing and Accounting, coupled with my own experience as a business owner, I strive to guide businesses to success by consulting in the areas of accounting, marketing and workflow processes.


Prior to starting Increase Expert, I worked in accounting firms both in Lynchburg and Virginia Beach. Through this experience, I recognized the need for consultants to work with businesses at their location to learn about their processes to equip them with the information they need to complete a hands-on analysis and make expert recommendations.


My consulting concepts were shaped through diverse job experience ranging from large-scale corporate finance to non-profit organization management. My strengths are analysis and problem solving, and I find teaching to be one of the most fulfilling parts of my work. 

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